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Kewal and Surender came from a Sikh background

I was sinner and God  saved me. I was working for gulf aircraft company in Abu Dhabi as aircraft engineer. But one day I got severe pain  in my stomach  and I have to go hospital.  They did scan on me and told my wife that I got some water collection  in my stomach.  So they have to operate on me. After operation they put me on ventilator. But my condition became worse when I had a severe infection and no antibiotech was working on me. One day came when doctor told my wife that he will not survive. Same day some people of god came to hospital  and prayed on me. God gave life in the name of Jesus and my wife  accepted  Christ and God had done so many miracles in my life. Now I have three children  and me and my family  are serving the Lord. God bless you all.