'For the Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy' (Rev 19:10)

Hear what amazing miracles the Lord has performed.

Tumour disappeared

I was prayed by Church leaders when came to Sunday church Service. As I was suffered from a diagnosis from the doctors for having cancer and was told i could not travel to India due to needing to have an operation. They prayed for me and I went back to the doctor. He informed me that the size of the tumour has disappeared and there is no need to do surgery anymore. I was allowed to travel to India. Praise God..

House Breakthrough

Pastor Satya and Gisela were looking for a house to buy, after exhausting our options in viewing near Leicester. An agent called us to view this property – we went and saw it. Fell in love it and put down an offer. Less than 8 weeks later God has exhilarated the process and given us more than we can imagine. The landlord had left behind so many furniture and goods as well as cleaning the complete house. Thank God he hears even the small request we utter onto him.

Are you seeking for a breakthrough?

Let us stand with you.