Sacrificial Giving

We human beings feel most of the time lack then full. But the bible says there is no lack of seed as God always gives the seed if we have the heart to give it to the Lord. As long as you keep what you have in your hands there are no blessings but when you start giving in to the hands of Jesus he will begin to multiply and will enlarge the harvest of our righteousness. Multiplication is never in our hands but it always is in the hands of Jesus.


Send your donations through Standing Order or Bank Tranfer to the below details:

  1. Sunday Service 1

    Sunday Service

    If you would like to sow into our church, feel free to partner with us. Sowing in the Kingdom is Christ's desire. Sow your life as a seed into the kingdom of God and you will receive everlasting life with Christ. ... If you sow time, you may not reap financially i.e.. Everlasting life is not earned, but a gift from God, when you commit and dedicate your life to God in totality.
    £10.00 donated